19 Nov 2012
November 19, 2012

Compliance Resources

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    Food Safety Modernization Act
    FSMA is the most sweeping reform of the FDA’s food safety authority in more than 70 years. This act gives FDA new and enhanced mandates and authorities to protect consumers and promote public health. Click here to learn more.
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    PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative)
    The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) outlines 7 milestones to implementing case-level electronic traceability in the produce industry. Click here to learn more.
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    GS1 Standards
    GS1 Standards provide unique identification of items and products that provide the link between the item and the information pertaining to it. Click here to learn more.
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    GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
    All drugs and biological products are required to adhere to GMP. Click here to learn more.

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