The right Cold Chain Management ensures Great Products

Managing the cold chain is the first step toward higher quality food, increased customer satisfaction and reduced temperature-related shrink.

Today’s inefficient Cold Chain Management causes:

  • Loss of spoiled food (up to 30% of perishable food)
  • Quality loss
  • Shortages at the retailers
  • Shorter shelf life
  • Health risk

With the correct Cold Chain Management protocols in place you can be assured of higher quality food, increased customer satisfaction and reduced wastage from temperature-related shrinkage.

ClimaTracktm is designed to

  • Distribute and deliver the highest quality product,
  • advance your business success,
  • ensure compliance with regulatory requirements,
  • enhance and protect your brand reputation.


The ClimaTrack tm Cold Chain Management solution is aa self-forming/self-healing, affordable, wireless mesh network solution that delivers real-time environmental tracking and reporting on your products status.

It’s a simple 3-step process:

The measurements gathered are transmitted, in real-time, to a central server with Web access. The data is available for any authorized personnel with web access where real-time decision management enabled.

ClimaTrackTM enables continuous monitoring and controlling of goods:

  • Temperature (Chilled, Frozen, Frozen Extended).
  • Relative humidity.
  • Geographic location.
  • Ensuring goods freshness and quality by monitoring the goods throughout entire cold chain.
  • Creates traceable record from shipping dock to delivery.
  • Enables companies to ensure acceptance of delivered product.
  • Allows administrators to make real-time decisions that can impact product shelf-life.
  • Can lower shipper insurance rates.
  • Reduces risk factors.
  • Provides proof point data on status of goods.