The greatest on-going goal for your restaurant or food service is to create happy repeat clientele. ClimaTrack’s wireless solution helps you monitor and understand your restaurant’s environment by constantly sampling and analyzing the temperature and humidity of your Freezers, Refrigerators, Food Stations, and Dining area. ClimaTrack’s proven solution can be used by any size restaurant and/or food service group. With this comprehensive solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid food spoilage using our high accuracy temperature and humidity sensors in freezers and refrigeration units in case they fail, or a door is left open.
  • Receive immediate text or e-mail messages if any sensor detects that a temperature or humidity threshold range you select has been breached.
  • Track historical data by sensor and print out detailed reporting for inspections.
  • Monitor all the sensors 24/7 from a web-based device.
  • Make sure the area your patrons are dinning in is at a comfortable temperature and humidity.
  • Monitor as many restaurants as you want (anywhere) simultaneously.

No IT Expertise Required

ClimaTrack pre-configures the application for your restaurant before you receive the equipment. Simply place the pre-assigned wireless sensors in the areas you want to monitor, and plug in your Ethernet gateway. It’s that simple. Within minutes you’ll be monitoring and understanding your restaurant’s environment.

Get started for less than a cup of coffee per day.  Click here to see pricing plans.