For Fleets

Real-Time Temperature & Relative Humidity Monitoring for your Fleets and Perishable Products

Monitoring and managing temperature and relative humidity variables just became a whole lot easier with the deployment of ClimaTrack’s ClimaTracefleet of trucks application and sensors.  ClimaTrace puts you in control of your shipped goods rather than leaving them to chance among the many variables that can negatively impact their quality, potency and efficacy.  ClimaTrace proactively alerts you to risks caused by driver behavior, reefer and trailer conditions, and external ambient weather conditions.

These variables, among others, can negatively impact your goods as they move from the manufacturer to the distribution center and ultimately to the store shelves for the consumer.  Stay in control of your fleets, your products and your brand.

Track, Monitor, and Manage Your Entire Fleet

Trying to keep your customers, consumers and transportation managers all happy can be a daunting task.  Your customers, like today’s consumer, want to be assured they are receiving the highest quality product possible.  To meet these high standards products have to be maintained at the proper temperature and humidity levels throughout their entire cold chain (fleets and warehouses).  Now you can provide the visibility and reporting necessary as the ClimaTrace application helps you to:

  • Track your Fleet via GPS
  • Establish Geo-Fences
  • Monitor Temperature and Relative Humidity Levels
  • Proactively Send Alerts if Thresholds are Compromised

Gain goodwill, out perform your competition and lower your operating costs.  ClimaTrace puts your transportation manager in control, the result:

  • Reduction in Rejected Loads
  • Elimination of Retailer and Distributor Stock-Outs
  • Elimination of Product Spoilage
  • Happier Customers

Better Fleet Management

ClimaTrace’s benefits extend beyond delivering higher quality products.  Transportation and fleet managers can also use the ClimaTrace solution to improve operational performance by analyzing driver behavior and reefer performance.  Analyzing ClimaTrace’s data analytics can lead to changes in driver tendencies or behaviors which can lead to saving gallons of fuel per day per truck.  Your transportation manager will know if any reefer units require maintenance prior to their regularly scheduled servicing dates.  All of these benefits lead to improved customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

Real-Time Temperature & Humidity Management for Fleets

ClimaTrace delivers real time temperature and humidity data management capabilities for your fleets and warehouses from a single web-based dashboard regardless if you have products shipping locally, nationally or globally.