For Retail

Know The Temperatures To Keep Food Out Of The Danger Zone

Cold temperatures (below 41º F) slow the growth of bacteria. This is the temperature all potentially hazardous farm freshfoods (PHFs) should be when you receive and store them.  Using the ClimaTrack solution will ensure you know if those standards are being met – at all times, in real-time.  Allowing you to take immediate corrective action if needed.

There are many variables that can adversely impact the product at the retail store stage within the cold chain. For example, at a retailer refrigerator or freezer unit, customers opening doors, ambient temperature fluctuations, and type of product sharing the shelves can all affect product shelf life. Ensuring that the product is appealing to consumers and maintains the maximum shelf life possible can be the difference between a profit and a loss.

Real-Time Data With Wireless Temperature Monitoring of Retail Displays

ClimaTrack can actively provide temperature monitoring for your retail display units over a wireless network to ensure temperatures are within acceptable tolerances and alert store managers when certain unfavorable conditions exist. This can prevent perhaps thousands of dollars worth of product from spoiling. In addition, the ClimaTrack solution can allow store managers to analyze cooling and temperature trends over time to help with shelf life maximization and, ultimately, better purchasing decisions.