Ethernet Gateway

Delivering Supply Chain Visibility

The Ethernet Gateway is used in a fixed location with network access. The gateway transmits the wireless sensor data to a communication server through the LAN connection. The real-time data is then accessible through the ClimaTrace software application, allowing a user 24/7 access to their supply chain from a secure web portal. Access to the data in real-time allows management to always be in control of their goods at any point throughout their journey.

Ethernet Gateway Details

Networking and System Configuration
Communications Network (between the CLIMATRACK GATEWAY and the TS & WS): Multi-hop, cluster tree wireless sensor network
Number of Communications Channels: Up to four
Multi-hops (Store and Forward) Up to 15 hops
Network Robustness Self-healing, adaptive
Multiple CLIMATRACK GATEWAY (reader) operation Up to four CLIMATRACK GATEWAY (readers) can coexist in the same area (i.e. Warehouse)
Temperature update rate per sensor Programmable from 2 min up to 255 min
UHF Network
Operating Frequency 433 MHz ISM band
Maximum rated output power Default is less than -4dBm; Matching into 50 O Impedance.  Maximum can be configured to +5 dbm
Cellular Network
GPRS Modem Based on Telit (formerly Motorola) worldwide certified G24 module.
Frequency bands Supports Quad band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
SIM Card Integrated SIM card reader for 1.8V or 3.3V, with an external insert slot.
Ethernet Version
10/100 Mbps (configurable for DHCP and fixed IP)
GPS module Optional on GPRS CLIMATRACK GATEWAY models only
Antenna Support for internal / external antenna
Dimensions: LxWxD – 5″ x 3 3/8″ x 1″
Weight: 0.5lbs (including battery)
Color: Black
Operating Temperatures: -4°F to +140°F battery charge time will increase in low temperature
Internal Battery power: LiPo battery pack – 3.7V, 1.3Ah. Support for up to 60 hours of operation after fully charged when not connected to external power, using special power save mode.
Mobile Gateway (Truck) Power: 9-24V operation using lighter power adaptor.
Mains AC External Power: Using an external 12V DC input from 110/230VA, 50/60 Hz adaptors (supplied with the CLIMATRACK GATEWAY).
DC power input 9-24 DC
Average Power Consumption less than 150 mA at 12V DC input
Indicators 3 LEDS: Red, Green & Yellow