Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Cold Chain Integrity Enhances Food Safety

FSMA is the most sweeping reform of the FDA’s food safety authority in more than 70 years. This act gives FDA new and enhanced mandates and authorities to protect consumers and promote public health.  ClimaTrack’s ClimaTrace, cloud-based application, is helping companies stay ahead of mandates and regulations while improving food safety and reducing product waste and supply chain costs.

Beyond the Regulations

The justification for ongoing investment in food safety is simple. Your organization has a high reputation for quality and service, no company would ever want their reputation to be sullied by issues self-created or those that could be avoided while the products are under their care.  That’s what really drives organizations to make the types of investments in technology they make.  The ClimaTrack team understands this and is here to assist you every step of the way in your evaluation of the “right” cold chain management solution for your business.  Request a Free 30 Day Evaluation or talk to a representative today.

ClimaTrace Delivers Quality Protection

ClimaTrace solves cold chain problems.   Using wireless data collection with data management, analysis and reporting tools ClimaTrace delivers the information needed to identify cold chain issues. Once issues are identified and corrective actions are taken, ongoing monitoring and evaluation helps to ensure consistency and continuous improvement of the cold chain.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automated, wireless data collection and communication increases operational efficiencies — no monitor retrieval or data conditioning required
  • Global view of all your warehouses and transports from a single dashboard
  • Rules-driven alerts make receivers aware of temperature issues so that appropriate actions can be taken
  • Hosted data management enables permissions-based access for improved collaboration and a secure, auditable data trail
  • Reports provide comprehensive information for program administration, cold chain performance evaluation, and continuous process improvement