For Warehouses

Active Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitoring and Management in Your Warehouse and Cold Storage Facilities

cold storage imageProduct moving throughout the cold chain has at least one and sometimes many stops along the way.  Product passes through warehouses, distribution centers and potentially other cold stores prior to reaching the end consumer.  Along each stage of its journey the product could spend hours, days or more in a holding facility.  Risk exists along each link in this chain from potential exposure to outdoor weather to storing facilities not maintaining proper or uniform conditions throughout its four walls.  ClimaTrace keeps you informed of any such risks by providing real-time actionable data allowing you to avert any negative financial impact.

A Single Dashboard Allows You to Monitor and Manage All of Your Cold Storage Facilities Globally

ClimaTrace provides 24/7 visibility to temperature and relative humidity levels your products are being exposed to.  Of course, establishing preset tolerance thresholds means you can focus on your business and not worry about monitoring every warehouse, distribution center and cold store in your cold chain.  ClimaTrace manages the monitoring for you, whether you are shipping products across the town, the state, the country or around the globe immediate alerts are sent to administrators, in real-time, should a breach occur.  Proactive, actionable data that allows your team to rectify the situation before any damage or loss of product occurs.

In depth record retention and data analytics allows for operational improvements within your cold chain ensuring product safety and security for future shipments.  Implementation of changes translates into cost savings.