Real-Time Refrigerator and Freezer Monitoring

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Affordable, Easy-to-Use Real-Time Wireless Sensor Monitoring for Temperature and Humidity 

If you operate a Warehouse, Grocery Store, Restaurant or manage a Fleet of Trucks– ClimaTrack may very well be the easiest to use solution on the market today to help you ensure your high standards of quality and deliver the best possible product to your customer. We have installations across a wide variety of verticals and some of our ingenious clients have even turned their ClimaTrack deployment into a revenue source within their own clientele. How you ask? Simple, the solution provides them with data and a set of pro-active management tools they have never had before and that data and ability has value. Contact us today to learn more about our real-time monitoring solution and how it can benefit your business.

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    Gain the Visibility to Better Run Your Business

    • Automate temperature and humidity monitoring, eliminating manual checks.
    • Receive immediate text or e-mail messages if any sensor detects that a temperature or humidity threshold range you select has been breached.
    • Track historical data by sensor and print out detailed reporting.
    • ClimaTrack customizes your dashboard to fit your business needs / terminology
    • Monitor all sensors/locations 24/7 from a secure web-based device.
    • Be compliant with HACCP, FSMA, FDA and GMP requirements.
    • Monitor as many locations as you want (anywhere) simultaneously.

    No IT Expertise Required

    We come onsite and set up the sensor solution for you. Within minutes you will have transformed a manual, labor intensive task into an automated, human error free, information flow that will help you better run your business. Our solution is cloud based, so no additional IT resources required on your side.

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