Real-Time Refrigerator, Freezer and Storage Area Temperature and Humidity Monitoring


Reduce Risk, Ensure Quality and Improve Safety


ClimaTrack helps your business meet HACCP and FSMA guidelines using automation versus, timely and costly, error prone human observations. ClimaTrack’s cloud based application and wireless sensor technology is easy to set up, easy-to-use and automatically notifies you should a problem occur.  Leaving you and your staff more time to tend to your business.


What we do:

– Automate temperature monitoring and eliminate manual checks

– Provide Real-Time alerts via email and text should a problem occur

– Provide Audit Logs for Management, Regulators, and Health Inspectors

– Eliminate risk of losing thousands of dollars of temperature sensitive goods

– Offer a fully compliant HACCP and FSMA solution

– Use wireless sensors that can be placed virtually anywhere


What you get:

– Brand Protection

– Quality Control

– Peace of mind that if a refrigerator or freezer fails you will be alerted

– Automation to eliminate human error

– Ability to set temperature and humidity thresholds per wireless sensor

– A real-time alert system should a problem occur, not hours or days later

– Ability to monitor multiple locations simultaneously

– More time to focus on your business

– An affordable easy to use solution that requires no IT expertise


ClimaTrack is an affordable, real-time solution to help you monitor and maintain the environmental conditions in fridges, freezers, walk-ins, pantries, for food or other temperature sensitive goods in storage areas. Temperature and humidity excursions pose significant risks to many food products and those risks may include spoilage and moisture/bacterial buildup that compromise the safety of a consumer.

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